Qualified Taxonomists

Jacqueline Soule Soulej at AOL.COM
Mon Jan 25 09:29:10 CST 1999

As always, education is the key!

To paraquote a comment on this thread.... "Hold up a jar of vernal pool stuff
and let all and sundry know that this is cool!"

Hold it up often.  Let your excitement and enjoyment of your work show.  Get
others fired up about it.

The only way to create more taxonomists is to catch them young.  Get botanic
gardens, arboreta, and aquaria on your side.  Get the press on your side.  A
cute article of kids exploring (excuse me) pond scum will sell far more than a
gloom and doom ,,,"all is dying" article.

I was on a 4th grade field trip when I was snared.  The naturalist was excited
about his work.  He told us the scientific name _Calliandra eriophylla_ for
the Fairy Duster.  I thought he said _C. fairyophylla_.  I was wrong, but I
was hooked.

Howard Huges Foundation alone gives hundreds of millions of dollars every year
for the education of future scientists.  Get grants to get into the schools
with your pond scum.  The money will help you ID, and will help train future
key users and taxonomists.

Best of Luck!

Jacqueline Soule, Ph.D.
Tierra del Sol

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