How to be taxonomist in a non-taxonomic world?

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Thomas and all the concerned zoo-taxonomists!
YES, there are ways to  save taxonomy. The euphemism "Taxonomic =
Impediment" is today the name of a UNESCO-recognised major problem.
One of the ways suggested is to make the use of "taxonomic services" =
mandatory for every  monitoring and every ecological project. They are =
also wainting to hear from us what are the "critically despondent" taxa =
and where are the surviving centres of taxonomic knowledge.
At the XVIIIth ICZ in Athens (28 Aug.-2 Sept. 2000) there will be a =
plenary discussion on this subject. You can already visit our site:
and PARTICIPATE  in the WebForum specifically dealing with this subject.
Dov Por
dovpor at  =20

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Subject:        How to be taxonomist in a non-taxonomic world?


 Recently it was deplored: The gradual extinction of taxonomists. Often
 the guilt has been put on the external conditions, no one dared to =
 the taxonomists themselves for their tragedy.

 However, science (in the world I lived so far, at least, i. e. Brazil =
 Germany) is said to be hypotheto-deductive. The models and theories =
 be widereaching, predictions always have to be made (even if their use =
may  be
in doubt),the results have to get in fast (for whatever they may

 Taxonomy, however, needs patience and descriptive skills.

 So, besides the self-regret and crying, are there any practical hints,
 or suggestions, how to be a taxonomist in a primarily non taxonomic


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