Carex sect. Shortianae bibliographic citation

Mark Allen Wetter mawetter at FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Fri Jun 11 15:15:10 CDT 1999

In a note I posted on TAXACOM last week, I asked for information on the
correct authorship and bibliographic citation for the name Carex sect.
Shortianae. Should it be Carex sect. Shortianae L. H. Bailey or Carex sect.
Shortianae (L. H. Bailey) Kukenthal? When preparing the note, I misspelled
Bailey's name in one place, writing L. B. Bailey when I meant L. H. Bailey.
The question is not which Bailey, but where, when, and why Kukenthal made
the combination (if he did).

I would be pleased to receive information to help resolve this question.
Don't hesitate to call or write (mawetter at;
tscochra at; tel.: 608/262-2792; FAX: 608/262-7509;
University of Wisconsin-Madison Herbarium, 430 Lincoln DR, Madison, WI
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