locations needed--interim report

Bill Shear BILLS at HSC.EDU
Tue Jun 15 16:22:02 CDT 1999

Thanks to all who have responded so far to my plea for geographic
information.  In just a few hours, several of my questions have been
answered already.  The following ones remain:


A place in Irian Jaya that was known in Dutch colonial times as
Wisselmaren; may now be known as Enartodi, or Enartodi may be nearby.

A place in Sumatera Utara named Bangun Delek.


In Sarawak, Santubong "32 km N of Kuching".  The problem is that 32 km N of
 Kuching puts Santubong well out to sea.


In Leyte, Lake Danao (there are many places named Danao but no lake could
be found).  Someone has suggested Lake Lanao, but without coordinates or
locators, and I could not find it on the searchable database.

Mindanao: Surely the name "Mt. McKinley" has been changed!  But to what?
Margaret Thayer suggested Mt. Makiling, but that is in Luzon.  "Mt.
McKinley" did not appear in a 1900 gazeteer of the Philippines.  The
collection with this label was made in 1946.

Samar: Western Samar Prov.: where is Cave Kagpili, Barangay Concord?


Looking for Ma-Da in Dong-Nai Province.

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