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Several people have e-mailed asking for the answers to the locality puzzles
I posted.  So here goes:

Thale Ban National Park is 37bkm NE of Satun, near the Malaysian border at
approx. 6/40N, 100/10E.

Buitenzorg is now Bogor, and it's in west, not east, Java (don't blame me,
the literature account [Attems, 1907] said east!)  Bogor is known for its
agricultural research facilities and botanical gardens.

VISCA = Visayas State College of Agriculture, Baybay.

Genting Highlands are just north of the Kuala Lumpur-Bentong Road, approx.
3/20N, 101/50E.  It's a well-known resort, like the nearby but
geographically separate Cameron Highlands.

"Barangay" Concord was a mistranscription for Bagacay Concord, in W. Samar
Province, east of Catbalogan on the trans-island highway: approx. 11.15N,
125.12E (however, another correspondent placed "Concord" at 11.45N,
Close enough for government work.

"Wisselmaren" should have been Wisselmeren, Dutch for Wissel Lake.  This is
now Danau (Lake) Paniai, near Enartoli, not "Enartodi." The lake is at
about 3/55S, 136/15E, and Enartoli is at 3.55S, 136.21E.  Another
correspondent called this place "Danau-danau in Bahasa Indonesia."  See
"Lake Danao" below.

Santubong is not out to sea, but is about 20 air km N of Kuching (1/42N,
110/19E) on a peninsula.  The 32 km probably referred to road distance.

Mt. McKinley was the American Imperialist name briefly given to Mt. Apo,
the highest peak in the Philippines (2954 m), on the border of Davao del
Sur and North Cotabato. (How did McKinley get all these big mountains named
after him?  Simply by getting shot?)

Ma-Da is a stream in the former South Vietnam (Ma Da Song, Ma Da Suoi, Made
Song; I like the last one best) at about 11/14N, 106.55E.

Bangun "Dolok" was a mistranscription for a village, Bangun Delek, which I
must now look up.  This response came from Pekka Lehtinen, who in fact was
the collector of the material I have been working on!

Leyte has TWO Lake Danaos, at 10/52.2N, 124/51.2E and at 11/04.7N, 124/41.8E.
The situation is complicated because in many languages, Danao or Danau
means "lake."  So the name translates as Lake Lake.  I will need to do a
little research to distinguish the two Lake Lakes.

Again, thanks to all who responded.  This has been great!

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