Carex bibliographic citation/chromosome nos.

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                                        June 2, 1999

A few nagging problems remain in order to tidy up various Carex manuscripts
for FNA treatments.

One is the correct authorship and bibliographic citation for the name Carex
sect. Shortianae. Why are a few workers now writing (L.H.Bailey) Kukenthal
instead of just L.B.Bailey?

Three are missing original references (bibliographic citations) for
chromosome numbers.
                Carex leptalea (sect. Polytrichoides), 2n = 50 (fide J. D.
Mastrogiuseppe, 1993. In: Hickman, ed. The Jepson Man., p. 1130)
                Carex microdonta (sect. Granulares), 2n = 38 (fide G. Yatskievych, 1999.
Steyermark's Fl. Missouri, p. 246)
                Carex decomposita (sect. Heleoglochin; syn. Sect. Paniculatae), 2n = 60,
64, 66 (fide G. C. Tucker, 1987. The genera of Cyperaceae in the
southeastern United States. J. Arbold Arbor 68: 431)

If you can solve any of these details, please don't hesitate to call or
write (tel.: 608/262-2792; FAX: 608/262-7509; mawetter at or
tscochra at Thanks for your help.

                                        Sincerely yours,

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