Taxon Sampling in Morphological Studies

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        One of the most comprehensive recent papers I know dealing with
this is an analysis of the exemplar approach versus coding higher taxa as
using various methods.  It deals with the issue you are asking about:

Bininda-Emonds, O. R. P., H. N. Bryant and A. P. Russell.  1998.
Supraspecific taxa as terminals in cladistic analysis: implicit assumptions
of monophyly and a comparison of methods/  Biol. J. Linnaean Soc. 64:

        Hope it helps, rather than confuse the matter further!

                                                Cheers, Jim Whitfield

>Even if not for the sake of itself, but in order to check origin of certain
>traits, it might be appropriate to make a phylogenetic study of a group.
>Time and money is short.
>Are there any good references dealing with extremely restrictive taxon
>sampling (using only very few representants of each higher group), or
>is it not reasonable at all to use only very few representants?
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