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Wed Jun 9 15:54:39 CDT 1999

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        Those of you who are botanists in academic settings MAY have some
job-related experience with ecotourism, pehaps as University-sponsored
trips or activities in which you (and/or your colleagues, herbaria,
botanical garden, arboretum, etc.) are featured. Presently, my
University is interested in looking at local ecotourism (that is, within
South Carolina, at least for starters)from a fund-raising point of view,
possibly offered through continuing educations programs, but not

        I would like to hear from any of you who might be involved with this
sort of thing, especially motives behind such offerings, how they are
scheduled, who are the target groups, and how ecotourism may impact
systematic botany (field work, collections, etc.) and natural history
education. And anything else you may want to mention, of course.

        Thanks so much, JOHN NELSON

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