TAXACOM to move next week

Peter Rauch anamaria at GRINNELL.BERKELEY.EDU
Sat Jun 19 15:13:39 CDT 1999

Barring unexpected circumstances, we expect to move TAXACOM to a new
host computer next week, probably on Tues or Wed, June 22-23.

If everything goes right, the only thing you should notice is that the
address of the list is different (tell you then), and that if you send a
posting to the old address, it will be forwarded to the new list
automatically (at least for some brief period of time) and you'll be
sent a notice reminding you of the new address for TAXACOM.

While the list is being moved, you will not be able to update your
subscription settings, such as mail/nomail/digest/index, but that outage
should last for only an hour or so.

The next notice about the move will hopefully come to you from the new
address, telling you the address and pointing you also to the new www
interface to TAXACOM's archive.

Peter R, Jim B.
(co-owners, Taxacom)

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