Micro-chip in endangered plants? -Forwarded

Sally Shelton Shelton.Sally at NMNH.SI.EDU
Thu Jun 24 09:35:09 CDT 1999

The following RFI was passed along by a colleague at NMNH. Any info
would be welcome.

Sally Shelton
Collections Officer, NMNH
Smithsonian Institution

Can anyone shed any light on this query? .... John Q. Public phoned
the Smithsonian seeking more information about the use of a
'micro-chip' being used on a species of endangered plant in South
Africa, presumably to track it if someone tried to steal it.  I assume
this might take place in a Botanic Garden, where sensors would pick it
up upon exiting.  He's interested in how this is applied and what
species is being tracked.  Thanks.

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