male/female signs for Mac Sys 8.5.1

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Fri Jun 25 10:49:31 CDT 1999

>We just upgraded computers from the sloooowww Centris 650 (running 7.X) to
>new G3's running Mac OS 8.5.1 (whooosh!).  However, the old computers had
>the font "Zeal" that had male and female symbols.  Does anyone know how to
>get a version of Zeal that works with the new operating system or know of
>an alternative font that has male and female symbols for use in manuscripts?

I upgraded to a G3 recently, transferred all my software, and Zeal works
for me just like it did before the upgrade - if you have transferred your
fonts and it isn't working, you may be dealing with something that is
simply way too old. You *should* be able to simply copy it over. I can pass
the file along as an attachment to you if yours doesn't work.


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