male/female signs for Mac Sys 8.5.1

Gail E. Kampmeier gkamp at UIUC.EDU
Fri Jun 25 14:08:52 CDT 1999

Thanks Curtis & Doug!

I moved the Zeal font from the old system (7.1) and have my fingers crossed
(appears to work so far).  I thought I had heard that font stuff had
changed with system versions 7.X to 8.X and there were incompatibilities.

I also downloaded Curtis' scientific font archive and will try it out.
Although we are using Word98, not everyone is even within our lab, so I
will forgo the Microsoft stuff (also had trouble locating it on the
web--address worked but I saw stuff for typography on the web, nothing
about Word 98).

Thanks again!

Gail E. Kampmeier, Research Entomologist, Illinois Natural History Survey,
Box 5 NSRL-EASB, MC-637, 1101 W. Peabody, Urbana, IL 61801 USA
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