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Jan Bosselaers dochterland at VILLAGE.UUNET.BE
Fri Jun 25 23:45:15 CDT 1999

Lohengrin Cavieres Gonzalez wrote:

> I would like to know where I could get the software NONA 1.8 (Goloboff
> 1996)...

Dear Lohengrin,

NONA is distributed by Count Vespula, alias Dr. Jim Carpenter, who can
be reached at carpente at
A fully functional demo version can be downloaded from
but I am not sure whether this is version 1.8 (I still use version 1.6).
Anyway, the demo versions have to be converted by a code, which Jim
provides you with when you pay him $40,-, if I remember correctly. In
order to be sure, it is best to contact him.


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