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Mary Barkworth mary at BIOSERVER.VSB.USU.EDU
Mon May 3 12:23:58 CDT 1999

In resonse to Doug's comment:

UTC has a database of vascular plant names that we developed here using a
variety of resources.  We add to it as needed.  It also has the occasional
bryophyte or even fungus.  I can provide copies, but I know that there are
some inconsistencies in it.  We clean these up as we come across them.  We
have also a large number of "ined" names.  We find that many old specimens
have names and/or authorities that, so far as we can determine, have not
been published.  We suspect that some of these names represent human error
rather than unpublished names but, to ensure that the names used are stored
in the database, we have them in our TAXON file.
I have tried checking the Web and found a number of databases that can be
consulted (for plants; I did not look for animals), but none that seemed
willing to allow downloading.
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