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Finance and Funding: Linking Collections Care Needs to Money in the

A Workshop Offered by the Society for the Preservation of Natural
History Collections (SPNHC)
with the support of Delta Designs, Ltd.

June 27th -28th, 1999 at the S. Dillon Ripley Center, Smithsonian
Institution, Washington D.C.

(This workshop is held in conjunction with the 14th annual meeting of
SPNHC, June 27 to July 2, 1999.)

Collecting institutions face ever increasing demands on their
resources to fulfill their responsibilities as stewards of our natural
and historic heritage.  These needs for staffing, equipment and
capital improvements present significant funding challenges.  How can
collections care staff help build these needs into the budgeting
process, and use them as fundraising tools? The good news is that this
fascinating part of what we do is inherently attractive to potential
funders, and can be a powerful tool in grants writing or capital
campaigns.  With a better understanding of budgeting and fundraising,
you can give the finance and development staff in your institution
tools they can use to help meet your needs.  This two-day workshop
will provide a "financial primer" on budgeting, fundraising, and on
linking long range plans for collections care needs to these
processes.  It will help staff integrate collections funding needs
into the budgeting process, grants writing, and capital campaigns, and
broaden staff understanding of the development and use of financial
information in institutional decision making.  If you are not a
financial planner or decision maker at your institution, understanding
how the system does work, can work, or should work will help you
leverage the resources you need to do your job.

Trudy R. Hayden is Director of Foundation and Government Support for
the American Museum of Natural History.  She was Director of
Foundation Relations for the Natural Resources Defense Council from
1994-1997, and from 1984-1994 worked at the New York Public Library as
Manager of Program Development and Foundation Relations and Deputy
Director of the Campaign.  In her "pre-fund-raising life" she worked
for many years as a policy analyst and advocate in the field of civil
liberties and civil rights, including as Director of the American
Civil Liberties Union's National Privacy Rights Project in the 1970s.
She is a graduate of Swarthmore College and Columbia University.

John E. Rorer is the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice
President at The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, New York.  Mr.
Rorer came to the Garden initially as Chief Financial Officer in 1989.
 Before joining the Garden, from 1976 to 1989, Mr. Rorer served in
several management positions at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn,
New York.  His last position was as Vice President for Finance and
Administration and Chief Financial Officer.  At Polytechnic, Mr. Rorer
also participated in the creation, planning and development of
Metrotech, a $1.0 billion, 16- acre commercial/academic complex in
downtown Brooklyn, adjacent to the University's campus..  He held a
series of increasingly responsible positions in New York City
government from 1969- 1976.  Mr. Rorer is a graduate of Harvard
College and holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from New
York University, where he previously served as an adjunct lecturer.

William R. Vartorella is Executive Vice-President of Craig and
Vartorella, Inc., an award- winning company which specializes in
global fundraising, strategic planning, and staff and board
development and training.  Mr. Vartorella has spent the last decade
fundraising, lecturing, convening workshops, and writing articles
concerning a host of projects in the U.S. and abroad.  He has been a
sponsored speaker at a number of global meetings, including the Second
World Congress/Natural History Collections held at and co-hosted by
Cambridge University; the Drexel Symposium/Field Expeditions; and a
recent world congress on rupestrian archaeology (IRAC 98) at UTAD in
Vila Real, Portugal.  He writes a regular column on funding for Human
Performance in Extreme Environments, the leading journal for
scientists working in extreme environments (space, undersea, the
Arctic), and for the Glyph, a regional newsletter of the
Archaeological Institute of America.  His work appears regularly in
Fundraising Institute, Nonprofit World, Nonprofit Board Report, and
Fundraising Management.

Date and time: Sunday June 27 and Monday June 28,  1999, 9:00 am -
5:00 pm
Early fee: on or before May 15, $90 SPNHC members, $100 non-members
Regular fee: after May 15, $100 SPNHC members, $110 non-members
Lunch not provided.

Check or money order payable to "SPNHC 99", or VISA or Mastercard
orders, should be send with a note indicating this is registration for
the Finance and Funding Workshop to:
Jane C. MacKnight, Registrar
CMC, Geier Collections and Research Center
1720 Gilbert Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1401 USA
FAX 513/345-8501
Sorry, we cannot accept purchase orders

For further information on registration email Jane MacKnight at
jmacknight at

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