Brachypterous Coleoptera

Enrico Ricchiardi alerico at INRETE.IT
Wed May 5 19:48:07 CDT 1999

Dear all

I am about to describe a new beetle (Coleoptera) whose females bears wings
reduction, say about 60% of the males wings length. There is an widely
accepted term to define this species. Is "Brachypterous" correct? Iread on
some reference that Brachypterous is some species where some individuals
only shows wings reduction.

A second (of a different genus) species has all the known individuals of
both sexes with the wing length about 15% of the average wing length of all
teh species belonging to the neighborough genera. Is the term
"brachypterous" appropiate for this species too or there is a different
term (like micrapterous) widely accepted for Coleoptera?

Thank you in advance for your help

                Enrico Ricchiardi

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