Is this correct?

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>I believe this formulation below is what the zoo code art.51 recommends:
>Xus yus Smith in Brown, Black & Smith, 1999
>One should avoid unmeaningful parentheses after binominals.

Absolutely.  In a course I recently took at university, the subject of
published names was one of the topics.  The following rules seem to apply.

Hudson                  First to publish the name
Nuttal ex Seem          Nuttal described it, but Seem published it first (except
in microbiology)
Rehder in Sargent       Rehder identified it, published in a larger work by
(Gravenhorst) Nardmann  Gravenhorst first identified the species, but placed
it                      in the incorrect genus.  Nordmann renamed it correctly.

These are all examples from the past.

Colin Kaneen

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