Hennig XVIII

Carmine Colacino colacino at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed May 12 13:20:27 CDT 1999

>>In 1999, the Willi Hennig Society will meet for the first time in
>>where the founder of cladistics, or phylogenetic systematics, Willi
>>was born in 1913.
> Is this not a bit of an innacuracy? Perhaps the title of "founder"
> would better apply to D. Rosa?
> John Grehan

Yes, I agree.


D. Rosa, 1923. Qu'est-ce-que l'Hologe=E8se? Scientia 33: 113-124


D. Rosa, 1988. Theory of Hologenesis. Rivista di Biologia - Biology Forum
81: 613-615

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