Hennig XVIII

Tom DiBenedetto tdib at UMICH.EDU
Wed May 12 23:30:41 CDT 1999

>The statement that
>Rosa's  formulations do not lie at the core of most (any?) cladists
> view of their science I would have to request greater clarification.
>Since Rosa is clearly a cladist, his formulations were cladistics, so
>those who support cladistic modes of analysis (and I would have to
>include myself) have Rosa's theory at their core.

Being a cladist, I guess I am a bit sensitive to issues of homology
(i.e. direct lines of ancestry vs. convergences). As we would be prone
to say, the character state in taxon A is simply not the same thing as
the state in taxon B if they are not part of the same inheritance, even
if they are identical.
I realize that ideas disperse in a network of influences, and if it
were shown that Hennigs ideas were deriviative of Rosa's I would agree
with you. I realize that Croizat leveled such charges, but I have also
heard that he was prone to rather intemparate remarks, and that Hennig
explicitly denied the charge.
Would the Rosa fans be content with the title "prophet" rather than

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