Hennig XVIII

Carmine Colacino colacino at UNIBAS.IT
Thu May 13 17:13:32 CDT 1999

> John Grehan wrote:
>>Regarding Tom DiBenedetto's comment that he has heard that Croizat
>> was prone to rather intemparate remarks I think that the remarks should
>>be directly evaluated case by case. The difficulty with Hennig explicitly
>>denying the charge by Croizat (where is this published?  - I was not aware
>>of it) is that Rosa preceeded Hennig, so a denial as such is not
>>very informative.
> I am not aware of a published source; I recall being told this story by
> a certain cladist who had known and published with Croizat and who also
> knew Hennig personally, and who discussed this issue with him.

I hope this cladist is neither Nelson or Rosen, who had, let us say, a
grudge with Croizat.... :-) (as far as I know)

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