600 more new entomological taxa

Michael L.Grieneisen aen at SCIREF.ORG
Mon May 17 16:27:49 CDT 1999

Dear TAXACOM-listers,

The second issue of "New Entomological Taxa" is now posted and freely available to everyone through the Scientific Reference Resources website.  Like issue 1, it contains about 400 new species, about 200 new taxa of other ranks and nomenclature changes (comb.n., syn.n., etc.)  You may access either the full edition or individual taxonomic sections from links on the main NET page at:


Over 120 journal and serial titles have been added to our coverage in the few short weeks since the first issue came out, bringing the total to around 850.  This expansion was facilitated by many of you who agreed to exchange a journal published by your organization for a subscription to "New Entomological Taxa".  The newly added titles are indicated by an asterisk in the updated list which is posted at:


The structure of the individual taxonomic sections have been improved since issue 1.  Each index for each taxonomic section is now placed into a separate file, and more links between files in each section permit easier navigation.

Starting with the next issue of NET, a Cumulative Index of Families will be posted.  This list will be updated with each new issue of NET.  You will be able to purchase individual issues of NET which contain new taxa or nomenclature changes in a particular Family that you are interested in.

The expansion of our literature coverage and logical arrangement of information on the site will be ongoing processes.  Comments and suggestions for improving the literature coverage or presentation of NET are always welcome.


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