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Would you mind posting the following message to TAXACOM, as I am no longer
a subscriber, but I think the list members would be interested in the new


The FENSCORE [Federation for Natural Sciences COllection REsearch]
Committee, with sponsorship by Manchester Museum and the Museums and
Galleries Commission, have now posted the 'national' register of natural
science collections as a searchable database.

There are over 15,000 entries, covering most of the UK, although currently
the South West is under-represented, and Northern Ireland is absent
(although we hope to add it soon)

The URL is http://www.man.ac.uk/fenscore

It is good to be able to announce this, as at long last it makes readily
available the results of dedicated efforts by more than two hundred
natural science curators who over the last two decades have laboured to
gather the information.

I welcome any comments or suggestions about this site; it does not have
lots of pretty graphics, but concentrates on providing useful content.

Bill Pettitt
FENSCORE Webmaster
c.pettitt at man.ac.uk


Many thanks

Bill Pettitt
email: c.pettitt at man.ac.uk
(sent from home - tel: 0161-439 2213)
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there is a complicated solution"

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