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Stinger Stinger at FIU.EDU
Sat May 22 18:49:05 CDT 1999

This is an isssue that we have dealt with at length in the design of our
virtual herbarium.  I have numerous citations of standard practice in
the citation of herbarium specimens by the first collector only
(although it is clearly not ubiquitous).  Because many of our
collections do not come with collection books, it is impossible to
determine, in many cases, if a collection number refers to the group or
the first collector.  As a rule, we only recognize the first collector
(although we do have a field for 'with' people that includes everyone
else on the label).  Thus, our collector field only ever contains a
single name.  This is ameliorated by the fact that all of our database
records are coupled to a photograph of both the specimen and the label
so that the researcher can critically evaluate who the collector is.
You can develop any number of 'TAG' fields to a database but this just
adds undue complexity.  The accession or catalogue number is the
inventory 'name' it shouldn't be the collector for any number of


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