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Joseph Kirkbride wrote:

> There was a Brasilian plant collected named Ezechias Paulo Heringer who
> restarted his collection number series THREE times.  Each time that he
> made a major job change, he restarted his number series.  He was one of
> the most important collectors in central Brasil in modern times.  I do
> not know the exact size of his three collections, but I believe that each
> one was over 15,000.  Consequently there are three Herchinger et al.
> number 1, number 2, etc.  Therefore every Heringer collection MUST always
> be cited with the date and ALL the secondary collectors.  I realize that
> it pumps up the ego of many collectors to see only their name cited, but
> the date and all secondary collectors should always be cited to avoid future
> confusion.

Is this the Heringer who was at IBGE for so long? If it is, I will be less
tactful than Dr, Kirkbride and point out that this is an even more interesting
situation in that Heringer insisted that all of his employees collected under
his numbers rather than their own.  Thus, many prolific government collectors in
Brazil have very low numbers because all of their numbers are under Heringer.
This further complicates the issue of using just a collection book because
Heringer could have been in two places at the same time according to a
reconstructed itenerary from his collections.  I have already seen this
phenomenon in iteneraries that I have reconstructed using our own database.



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