collection numbers

Tue May 25 07:06:29 CDT 1999

My dear friend Susan,
    It is unnecessary for you to identify yourself as
a "lowly graduate student." If you do not tell people
this, they will not know. Besides, sometimes grad students
can see things from a fresher perspective than
people who have been in science for decades.
   Thank you very much for sticking up for me and for
clarifying the situation. Yes, the discussion does
seem to have mixed collection numbers with
accession numbers. I do wish people would read someone
else's posting carefully before agreeing or disagreeing
with it. I do not mind someone criticizing what I have
said, but I do mind someone criticizing me for what I
did not say, and more than one person has done that.
   Sequential collection numbers are certainly ideal,
especially for people who collect thousands of specimens.
However, some people collect specimens only occasionally.
I can certainly understand them wishing to devise some
other system more convenient for themselves. The number
you assign the specimen is not nearly as important
as the fact that you pick some unique number to give it.
   Thanx again.

Darth Joe

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere

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