Impact on Removing Art. 14, footnote 2 in the ICBN

Mon May 3 08:19:00 CDT 1999


To assist individuals who will be attending the nomenclature sections at the
next Botanical Congress in St. Louis, I present the entire list of conserved,
or more properly, generally protected names of vascular plant families listed
in App. IIB - E. Spermatophyta of the International Code of Botanical
Nomenclature. To this I have noted the required changes in the Appendix if Art.
14, footnote 2 is deleted from the next Code so that the first place of
publication is adopted rather than the one presently given in the Code. Those
family names that must be conserved because they are based on an illegitimate
generic name are noted by an asterisk (*). All other family names in the
Appendix are protected in the sense that they must be used over any other
non-conserved names. However, not all names actually require protection. Those
names that have an earlier, validly published name for the family as defined
by one of the present-day authors, even if they are listed with their first
place of publication, and still require protection are noted by a plus (+).
Obviously, superconservation notes already protect some conserved names over
other conserved names as well.


Jim Reveal (MARY)

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