List of fungal names

Mary Barkworth mary at BIOSERVER.VSB.USU.EDU
Mon May 3 08:21:56 CDT 1999

As part of my efforts to persuade our mycologists, all of whom are hired as
pathologists,  to deposit specimens in the herbarium (UTC is almost
entirely vascular plants at present) I have promised to make it easy for
them to prepare labels and develop summaries of their data.  We can use our
existing database program BUT we do not have a good list of fungal names
and authorities.  Please could somewhat point me to one, preferably one
that I can download into our nomenclatural database?  The fields that we
need are name of the species (infraspecies if appropriate) and authorities,
family, class, and division name.  We would store information about other
ranks if it is available, but those four are the most critical. Most of the
fungi will, at least initially, be macrofungi - basidio and asco - that are
visible in the field.  Thank you to anyone that can help.
Mary Barkworth, Intermountain Herbarium
Department of Biology, Utah State University,
Logan, Utah 84322-5305
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