downloadable lists? (was Re: List of fungal names)

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Mon May 3 08:44:16 CDT 1999

Mary Barkworth asked:

> We can use our
>existing database program BUT we do not have a good list of fungal names
>and authorities.  Please could somewhat point me to one, preferably one
>that I can download into our nomenclatural database?  The fields that we
>need are name of the species (infraspecies if appropriate) and authorities,
>family, class, and division name.

It strikes me, seeing this, that there are probably many of us who would
benefit from knowing which of the various resources available on-line now
contain species lists - for whatever taxa - that are suitable for
importation into nomenclatural databases; if these resources are open for
such use, and not considered proprietary, they could save many of us from
re-inventing the wheel. As manager of an entomology collection, for
example, the task of developing a species catalog with nearly a million
insect names (and all their synonyms) is not something I'm likely to be
able to complete in my lifetime, unless I can tap into work done by others.
At least for insects, I think it's fair to say that even the most ambitious
species cataloguing projects aren't going to be completed except by global
coordination of effort.
        So, is there anyone compiling a "metadata" listing of those
databases that contain downloadable species authority lists? Is this sort
of thing part of the "Species 2000" project, for example?


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