List of fungal names

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Mon May 3 15:42:48 CDT 1999

>Shall we raise the discussion thread, once again, on how things are
>going with respect to dealing with this issue of "downloading copies" of
>name authority lists vis a vis creating a world-level name authority
>server (with all the "opinions", variants, computational difficulties,
>dust bears and other problems that various folks have identified as
>getting in the way of carrying out such a tour de force)?
>Or, shall we just borrow those lists, and get on with curating the
>respective collections?

Well, since developing a world-wide name authority server is the kind of
thing I had in mind, I'm not sure in what way the two things are different,
except in terms of having to wait a long time before any "Master List" is
*complete*. Those of us doing whole-museum inventories NOW can't afford to
wait until that point. I think the matter does center on what is and is not
now available, and whether people are willing to part with their own small
lists, until something bigger and more comprehensive is actually created
for public use. Even knowing about a downloadable database that lists just
the species in a single *genus* would be useful, in terms of being that
much less one has to sit and type in by hand. Heck, even proprietary
sources would be nice to know about, as long as they're compatible. For
example, a long while back I recall someone telling me that the entire
Catalog of the Hymenoptera of America North of Mexico was being
computerized by the Smithsonian - in Paradox or some other software - but I
can't recall whether the finished product was intended for sale or for open
access, or whether Paradox can be converted by Biota or FileMaker, etc.
What became of this project? How many others are there like it?
        I do know about several online catalogs, such as the Australasian
Oceanian Diptera Catalog, Mayfly Central, the Orthoptera Species File, and
some others, but these are either text-only or searchable files, so while
one could cut and paste from them, they're not really set up so they can be
downloaded directly into one's database. Or am I missing some trick for
transforming an html file into a .dbf file?


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