Muscari comosum

John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Tue May 4 15:24:06 CDT 1999

The late Gerald Straley (UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver) completed the
manuscript account of _Muscari_ for the Flora of North America in
February 1997.  He reports _Muscari comosum_ as introduced in "Ill.,
Mo., N.C., Ohio, Oreg., Pa., Tenn., & Va.", so your discovery of a
population in South Carolina is an addition to the information available
to him at that time.  John McNeill
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Subject: Muscari comosum
Author:  Jan Haldeman <haldeman at ERSKINE.EDU> at Internet
Date:    04/05/99 3:10 PM

We have just discovered a large population of Muscari comosum in
Abbeville County of the piedmont of South Carolina.  Would like to
communicate with anyone who is familliar with this Genus...species
Jan Haldeman Erskine College Due West SC phone AC 864 379 8724 or 379
email haldeman at

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