Herbarium glue

Clifford Wetmore Clifford.M.Wetmore-1 at TC.UMN.EDU
Tue May 11 14:54:02 CDT 1999

     Herbarium curators,
   Years ago we could get liquid herbarium glue to mount vascular plants.
This was a tan water soluble glue made from horse hooves or fish and
sometimes called mucilage. I use this to glue soil in mounting terricolous
lichens and my supply is all gone. The last I bought was about 25 years ago
and now no commercial companies I have contacted even understand what I am
talking about. The glue must be water soluble and still have strength when
diluted, so a paste won't work. Does anyone have a gallon or so in the back
room that I might get, or does anyone know a source?

Cliff Wetmore
Univ. of Minnesota
wetmore at tc.umn.edu

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