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>I do not think this is fair. Does it means I can take somebody's else ideas
>(which, for some reasons -- the times were not ripe for it, the existent
>paradigm did not allow their consideration, etc. -- did not have wide
>distribution or acceptance), re-state them, and become a founder of
>Of course, I am not saying Hennig took knowingly Rosa's ideas (because I do
>not know).
>We have many examples in science pointing instead to grant priority to those
>who actually had the idea first. Consider the "rediscovery" of Mendel's
>results, for instance, at the beginning of this Century, nobody thought to
>make Correns, de Vries and others who arrived to conclusions similar to
>Mendel's as the "fathers" of Mendelism/Genetic.
>I do not see any reasons why Rosa's contributions shouldn't be recognized in
>the same way, *now that we know about them*, for what they are worth.

A parallel case to Rosa/Hennig could be made re: Sokal & Michener (1958) as
the beginnings of the phenetic school.  It would seem they were "scooped"
by Eugeniusz Kuzniewski  [<<Rodzaj Sagittaria L. w swietle "Taxonomii
Wroclawskiej">>,  Acta Soc. Bot. Poloniae 25: 275-284 (1956)],  who in turn
adapted a methodology first worked out by K. Florek et al. in Przegl.
Antropolog. vol. 17 (1952).  I've never seen these Polish works credited in
any discussion of phenetic methods, despite the paper being translated to
English by H. M. Massey in 1968 and distributed by the U.S. Department of

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