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Kipling Will kww4 at CORNELL.EDU
Wed May 12 16:24:11 CDT 1999

Kip Will passed along the MacClade query to me, and here's the scoop:

MacClade 3 is temporarily unavailable, as Sinauer ran out of copies of
manual.  They have decided to distribute 3.08 as CD-only; that is, there
will be no printed manual (although apparently the Excerpts from the
containing the introductory chapters, will be included as a hard copy).
The reason they are not printing more version 3 manuals is that we hope
have version 4 released later this year, and they don't want a back-log
version 3 manuals.  Sinauer is currently preparing the 3.08 CD.  I
it will be available soon, but I do not know the details.

The updater to convert MacClade 3.0-3.07 into MacClade 3.08 is already
available on MacClade's web site at

Version 4 will come in both 68K and PowerPC versions, and will (perhaps
version 4.01) be MacOS X friendly.  Version 4 has many changes to the
interface, and significant improvements in the data editor (including
tools for manipulating molecular sequence data), with a few additions to
the tree window.

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