Is this correct?

Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Thu May 13 16:22:50 CDT 1999

Kipling Will wrote:
> It is very unlikely that three people actually did the describing of any
> single species in any paper.


> Imagine writing this (fake name below) on a label about fifty times or
> getting it to fit into the fields in your data base.

> Pseudanophthalmus shilohensis mayfieldensis Krekeler, Kryzhanovskij &
> Tschitscherine 1958

I see there is a new coelacanth with somewhat of an excess of authors:

_Latimeria menadoensis_  Pouyaud, Wirjoatmodjo, Rachmatika,
Tjakrawidjaja, Hadiaty & Hadie, 1999

Displaying unedifying haste, and on the face of it shabby treatment of
Erdmann, the initial discoverer, Laurent Pouyard has given the world the
six author mouthful above. One specimen is known.

I read about it in:

Science of 2 April 99:22

Pouyard's paper in Compte Rendu 322, 261-267:

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