XVIth Botanical Congress Nomenclature ballots/Change in Field Mu

James Solomon jsolomon at LEHMANN.MOBOT.ORG
Fri May 21 13:17:42 CDT 1999

At the request of Fred Barrie, I am posting this notice which will be of
significance to those involved with the Nomenclature Session of the
upcoming International Botanical Congress.  If there are any questions,
please reply directly to Fred Barrie (e-mail: fbarrie at fmnh.org).

Dear Colleagues,

On very short notice, the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, has
changed its telephone system, replacing all phone numbers except the
general contact number (312-922-9410).  All current numbers will be
disconnected by 6 PM CST on Friday, May 21.

Effective Monday, 24 May, the FAX number to which ballots for the
preliminary mail vote for the XVIth International Botanical Congress
Nomenclature Session should be sent is: 312-665-7158.

Thanks for your help.

Fred Barrie

Dr. Fred R. Barrie
Dept. of Botany, Field Museum, Chicago IL 60605  USA
email: fbarrie at fmnh.org  OR: barrie at mobot.org
As of 24 May 1999: phone: 312-665-7848, fax:  312-665-7158.

 James C. Solomon            e-mail: jsolomon at lehmann.mobot.org
 Curator of the Herbarium    tel: (314) 577-9507
 Missouri Botanical Garden   fax: (314) 577-9596
 P.O. Box 299
 St. Louis, Missouri  63166

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