multiple collectors

Sun May 23 08:23:25 CDT 1999

> There was a Brasilian plant collected
>named Ezechias Paulo Heringer who
>  restarted his collection number series THREE times.

Yes, there are always people who do not play by
the established rules and make it difficult
for everyone. I know several collectors who refuse
to use collection numbers at all. I once knew a
herbarium curator engaged to an ecologist who was like that.
She said she agreed to marry him on the condition that
he begin using collection numbers.
   I know another gentleman who refuses to use
collection numbers because he says he can never remember
where he had left off. I have little sympathy.
Scientists are supposed to pay attention to what
they are doing, and notebooks are not very expensive.
Besides, one can easily solve that problem by including
the date in the number. Give the plant the collection
number "23059924" meaning it is the 24th specimen you
collected on 23 May 1999. Totally unambiguous, unless you
are in botany for over 100 years.

> the date and all secondary collectors should
> always be cited to avoid future
>  confusion.

The date is generally included anyway as part of the
standard format.

Joe Skywalker, alias Joe Laferriere

Dr. Joseph E. Laferriere

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