Collection numbers

christoffer Schander c.schander at WHOI.EDU
Sun May 23 16:00:10 CDT 1999

" Give the plant the collection
number "23059924" meaning it is the 24th specimen you
collected on 23 May 1999. Totally unambiguous, unless you
are in botany for over 100 years"

Sorry to say that this way is NOT totally unambiguous since different parts
of the world tend to write the date differently. Joe seems to favour DDMMYY
- in Scandinavia we tend to write YYMMDD so it is a great possibillity for
confusion: 11030312 - is it number 12 collected 2011 March 03 0R number 12
of March 11 2003 - or is it some other combination ..... I could have
started with the number followed by the date you know.



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