List of fungal names

Jacques Melot melot at ITN.IS
Mon May 3 18:46:08 CDT 1999

=A0Le 3/05/99, =E0 14:21 +0000, nous recevions de Mary Barkworth :

>As part of my efforts to persuade our mycologists, all of whom are hired=
>pathologists,  to deposit specimens in the herbarium (UTC is almost
>entirely vascular plants at present) I have promised to make it easy for
>them to prepare labels and develop summaries of their data.  We can use =
>existing database program BUT we do not have a good list of fungal names
>and authorities.  Please could somewhat point me to one, preferably one
>that I can download into our nomenclatural database?  The fields that we
>need are name of the species (infraspecies if appropriate) and authoriti=
>family, class, and division name.  We would store information about othe=
>ranks if it is available, but those four are the most critical. Most of =
>fungi will, at least initially, be macrofungi - basidio and asco - that =
>visible in the field.  Thank you to anyone that can help.
>Mary Barkworth, Intermountain Herbarium
>Department of Biology, Utah State University,
>Logan, Utah 84322-5305
>Voice: 435-797-1584 FAX: 435-797-1575

   Nous pourrions vous fournir la banque de donnees de la Societe
mycologique de France (environ 15000 noms). Je vais en discuter avec mes

   A bientot,

   Jacques Melot, Reykjavik

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