Hennig XVIII

Dr. Thomas Hvrnschemeyer thoerns at GWDG.DE
Wed May 12 10:39:26 CDT 1999

The eighteenth meeting of the Willi Hennig Society will be held in
Goettingen, Germany, 12-17 September 1999. You are cordially invited to

In 1999, the Willi Hennig Society will meet for the first time in
where the founder of cladistics, or phylogenetic systematics, Willi
was born in 1913. Therefore, the scientific meeting will begin with
presentations on the early history and the roots of phylogenetic
We have selected a number of topics that were in the focus of Willi
own work and are central to the scientific scope of the Willi Hennig

General information

                                Hennig XVIII
                             Goettingen, Germany
                          Phylogeny and Evolution

                           12 - 17 September 1999

                     The scientific session will be held in the lecture
                     hall of the Institute of Education (Institut fuer
                     Erziehungswissenschaften, Waldweg 24). English is
                     official language of the symposium and will be used
                     for oral presentations, posters and abstracts.


                     All correspondence concerning registration,
                     scientific program, poster presentation etc. and
                     post conference tour should be addressed to Rainer
                     Willmann or Thomas Bartolomaeus.

    * Rainer Willmann
      Institut fuer Zoologie und Anthropologie=20
      Berliner Str. 28
      D-37073 Goettingen
      fax: +49-551-395448

Thomas Bartolomaeus
Zoomorphology and Systematics
University of Bielefeld
Postfach 100131
D-33501 Bielefeld, Germany


All correspondence concerning accommodation incl. booking of hotel rooms
should be sent directly to the hotel/hostel in question. Booking of
is possible via internet homepage of the Goettingen tourist office:

http://www.goettingen.de/hotel/stadt.html (in German)

http://www.eng.goettingen.de/hotel/stadt.html (in English).

In case of any requests and problems, please contact Thomas
Hoernschemeyer at
thoerns at gwdg.de, fax: +49-551-395448
(Inst. fuer Zool. u. Anthropol., Berliner Str. 28, D-37073 Goettingen).

The topics of the symposia are as follows:

        o The roots of phylogenetic systematics
        o Phylogeny and evolution of the Metazoa
        o Phylogeny and evolution of plants
        o Fossil and recent taxa in phylogeny reconstruction
        o Species, species concepts, evolution and phylogeny
        o Phylogeny, evolution and biogeography
        o Biosystematic theory & philosophy

Call for papers

If you want to submit a paper, please indicate under which topic it
appear. Papers outside these subjects will be placed in contributed

Invited speakers will have 30 minutes (incl. discussion) to present
lecture, other speakers will have 20 minutes (incl. discussion). At the
of each session, time will be left for general discussion related to the

Overhead and slide projectors (50x50) will be available. For any other
technical facilities required please contact the organizers.
Available space for posters is 1m wide and 1m high or 2m wide and 1m

Students who want their paper or poster considered for the Society's
student awards (the Hennig prize for $ 1000, the Brundin prize for $ 500
and the Donn Rosen Award for $ 150) should indicate this when they

Abstracts can be submitted by e-mail at=20


A preliminary schedule of the meeting is available at the official
homepage for HennigXVIII at=20


Social events

 Sunday, 12.09.1999:     Welcome party (Zoological Museum)
 Monday, 13.09.1999:     Keynote lecture and reception
 Wednesday, 15.09.1999:  Symposium banquet. The banquet includes a
                         and the student awards for the best student
 Friday, 17.09.1999      Post-conference tour to the Natural History
                         Museum in Berlin

 Tickets for the key-note lecture and reception, the symposium banquet
and the
 post-conference tour should be ordered and prepaid at the time of
 (see registration form).
 Tea and coffee during the breaks (30 minutes) is free.

Registration fees
(in Deutsche Mark =3D DM and Euro =3D EUR)

 Regular registration fee       250.00 DM (128.20 EUR)
 Student registration fee       120.00 DM (61.50 EUR)
 Accompanying person's fee       50.00 DM (25.65 EUR)
 Keynote lecture and reception   30.00 DM (15.40 EUR)
 Symposium dinner                95.00 DM (48.57 EUR)
 Post-conference tour           170.00 DM (87.20 EUR)

The late registration fee (after June 30th) is 350.- DM (179.50 EUR),
DM (76.90 EUR) and 100.- DM (51.30 EUR), respectively.
To qualify for the students registration fee, a written and signed
statement by the supervisor or the university is compulsory.
The registration fee covers the book of abstracts and other conference
papers, morning and afternoon tea/coffee and the informal welcome party
the evening of Sunday 12th September in the Zoological Museum. The fee
not include tickets for the key-note lecture and reception on Monday and
the symposium dinner on Wednesday.

The completed registration form should be sent to the above address as
early as possible. After June 30, 1999 the late registration fee
Please send the completed papers and posters form together with an
by email or to the above address before June 30, 1999 (Email Submission

The banquet will probably be held at the Sababurg, an old medieval
castle close to
Goettingen. Busses will take the participants to the Sababurg and back
Goettingen. The banquet speech will be held by Rainer Willmann.
Students who register get free banquet tickets, paid for by the Society.

Post-conference tour
A post-conference tour to the world famous Museum fuer Naturkunde in
(Natural History Museum Berlin) will be offered for DM 170.-. The price
includes train tickets from Goettingen to Berlin and back, a snack at
Natural History Museum and drinks on the train. We will start at 9.05 in
Goettingen (arrival in Berlin 11.18) and go back at 19.39 (arrival in
Goettingen 21.54). The completed form with deposit should be sent to the
above address before June 15, 1999.


Registration forms in Win-Word 6.0 and RTF format can be downloaded from
http://www.gwdg.de/~gtroest/HennigXVIII.html .
You will also find an online registration form there.

Payment should be made by International Bank Cheque drawn to a German
Postal Order or eurocheque in DM or EUR. It is also possible to pay by
cheque in your local currency. In this case it is your responsibility to
calculate the correct sum and you have to add 7.00 DM (3.58 EUR) for
additional bank fees. Please make cheque payable to "Hennig XVIII".
must be send to Rainer Willmann, Institut fuer Zoologie & Anthropologie,
Berliner Str. 28, D-37073 Goettingen, Germany. For German participants
it is also possible to
make a direct deposit to "Sparkasse Goettingen" Account No. 2051430
(Bank code 260 500 01)=20
(R. Willmann, Hennig XVIII).

Yours sincerely

Rainer Willmann               Thomas Bartolomaeus
Institut fuer Zoologie         t.bartolomaeus at biologie.uni-bielefeld.de
& Anthropologie
Berliner Str. 28
D-37073 Goettingen

rwillma1 at gwdg.de     =20
fax: +49-551-395448

Dr. Thomas H=F6rnschemeyer
Inst. f. Zoologie & Anthropologie, Abt. Morphologie & Systematik
Berliner Str. 28, D-37073 Goettingen
Tel.: +49-551-395566, Fax: +49-551-395448, e-mail: thoerns at gwdg.de

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