Hennig XVIII

Tom DiBenedetto tdib at UMICH.EDU
Wed May 12 11:41:29 CDT 1999

On Wed, 12 May 1999 07:09:53 -0400, John Grehan wrote:

>>In 1999, the Willi Hennig Society will meet for the first time in
>>where the founder of cladistics, or phylogenetic systematics, Willi
>>was born in 1913.
>Is this not a bit of an innacuracy? Perhaps the title of "founder"
>would better apply to D. Rosa?

I think that it is usual to accord the title of "founder" to the person
whose work forms the foundation of the field in question, not
necessarily to someone who may have had a similar idea at an earlier
time. Whatever its merits or similarity to Hennig's work, Rosa's work
did not find widespread acceptance, nor do his formulations lie at the
core of most (any?) cladists view of their science.

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