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veldkamp veldkamp at RULRHB.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Fri May 21 09:34:02 CDT 1999

        Some time ago someone thought that there would never be three authors to a
taxonomic name. Scanning the literature that we received at the
Rijksherbarium during the past month I note:
        Camacho de Torres, Emira F., Hector Rodriguez R. & Lorena Guevara. 1999.
Paspalum ramianum Camacho, Rodriguez & Guevara, sp. nov., Gramineae de
Venezuela. Ernstia 8: 105--114.
        Be thankful that only last names are to be cited.
        Here is another one with no less than five:
        Uperoleia altissima M. Davies, G.F. Watson, K.R. McDonald, M.P. Trenerry &
G. Werren, 1993 (Anura: Myobatrachidae). Mem. Queensl. Mus 33: 167--174.

JeF Veldkamp

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