Collection numbers

Clifford Wetmore Clifford.M.Wetmore-1 at TC.UMN.EDU
Sun May 23 10:42:07 CDT 1999

   I completely disagree with you statement:

Besides, one can easily solve that problem by including
the date in the number. Give the plant the collection
number "23059924" meaning it is the 24th specimen you
collected on 23 May 1999. Totally unambiguous, unless you
are in botany for over 100 years.

   This is about the worst possible use of collection numbers. Why have to
enter 8 digits and create more errors when you only need 4-5. The date is on
the label anyway.
In our computer databases I can order collections by real collection numbers
and check for entry errors and also get the collector's itinerary. This
won't work with the date included in the number.

Cliff Wetmore
Univ. of Minnesota

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