Collection Numbers

Jerome V Ward wardjer at MAIL.AUBURN.EDU
Mon May 24 13:48:43 CDT 1999

On Mon, 24 May 1999, Susan B. Farmer wrote:
> The collection number on the label is the number that the individual
> (or group) collector assigns to that specimin.  Doesn't really matter
> There may also be an accession number assigned by the herbarium to
> indicate when/in what order the specimin was added to the herbarium
> collection.  This number may again be completely sequential or
> sequential by date.

Dear Susan,
Lots of specimens received and accepted into the collection are sometimes
given accession numbers along with pertinent collection information.  Then
within the lot each sheet is stamped or mounted on a prestamped sheet
called sheet numbers.  So in the example given in Fosberg and Sachet (Reg.
Veget. 39:99) accession number 7346 pertains to sheets 237,462 - 247,495.
At Auburn we do not use accession numbers but only sheet numbers.
Auburn Univ. Herbarium
Auburn, Ala.

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