Puccinia scillae

Stephan Helfer S.Helfer at RBGE.ORG.UK
Thu May 27 15:50:29 CDT 1999

Dear Kadri

The current consensus of opinion appears to be that Puccinia scillae
Linh. (?Link?) is a synonym of P. rossiana (Sacc.) Lagh. which occurs
"all over Europe" according to Gaeumann 1959. We only have three
specimens in our herbarium (E), they stem from Southern and Western
Germany and Poland. None from the British Isles. There is also a quote
in Lietuvos Grybai 5, and a mention in the American fungus database
for Greece.

Are you sure this isn't Uromyces muscari (Duby) Lev. (=U.
scillarum [Berk.] Lev.) which is extremely widespread?
Best wishes

Stephan Helfer

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