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Dr. Rodham E. Tulloss ret at NJCC.COM
Fri Oct 1 00:38:37 CDT 1999

At the web site given below, we provide access to several scanned images

        a caterpillar that was not identifiable by the few local naturalists

        a turtle that we think might be an infant Clemmys insculpta (although
the tail, which is dragged by   the animal, is short for that species).
The turtle in the images is a 1999 hatchling, but not a
        brand new one (because its carapace is about 48 mm long and pigmented
areas are developing on the
        legs and neck).

Your help would be greatly appreciated because we would like to maintain
as thorough as possible a list of fauna, flora, mycota, etc. for the
Borough of Roosevelt (Monmouth Co., New Jersey, USA) as possible.

The images are at


Thank you,

Rod Tulloss
Fund for Roosevelt, Inc.

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