Fungi and Four Kingdoms

robert fogel rfogel at UMICH.EDU
Sun Oct 3 12:18:12 CDT 1999

I think the bigger problem is all the segregate Kingdoms that have been
propsed for prokaryotes.  The Kindom Fungi (Eumycotoa) hangs together
because of biochemistry, ecology, life cycle, and molecular evidence. Your
proposal ignores the evidence and marginalizes a very important group of
organisms. The Kingdom Protista, in contrast to the other eukaryote
Kingdoms, does not have any predictive power and is the one in most need
of re-examination.

Ultimately, the only stable Kingdom system is a two Kingdom system:
prokaryotes, eukaryotes.

Finally, I think Kipling Wil owes Elizabeth an apology for his personal
attack that made no reference to the facts, other than history.

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