Fungi and Four Kingdoms

Kipling Will kww4 at CORNELL.EDU
Sun Oct 3 13:40:34 CDT 1999

I fail to see how my comments could be considered a "personal attack" on
Dr. Frieders, that was certainly not my intent. I though the direction
of my comments would be clear by my citing of de Queiroz & Gauthier.

My "attack" is on the misrepresentation of supposed new, revolutionary,
evolutionary ideas contrasted against clinging, ancient, traditional,
stodgy, topological habits. I think this is just a wrong interpretation
of history and/or propaganda and is not leading us anywhere. Certainly
not toward a better system. How unfortunate that a some people may not
see historical facts as important guides for future endeavours.

robert fogel wrote:
> Finally, I think Kipling Wil owes Elizabeth an apology for his personal
> attack that made no reference to the facts, other than history.

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The grand fact of the natural subordination of organic beings in groups
under groups, which, from its familiarity, does not always sufficiently
strike us, is in my judgement thus explained.  -Darwin

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