Fungi and Four Kingdoms

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At 04:51 PM 10/3/99 -0500, Elizabeth Frieders wrote:
> In his day,
>most wanted Darwin to walk the plank because of his pioneering ideas that
>went against all creationist traditions.

And also evolutionary traditions. Let's not forget that natural selection
is still controversial, viz. the Taxacom exchanges of a month or so ago.

>Linnaeus was a creationist and he designed his taxonomy to reflect how he
>interpretted God's creation of organismal groups (i.e., his view of how
>organisms arose on earth), so my use of "creationist-based views" should
>not startle you.

I don't disagree with this, but it is important to remember that the
"Linnaean Hierarchy" is not the work of Linnaeus, but rather of his
colleagues and students (also at least nominally creationist). His natural
hierarchy stopped with genus; the rest was an overtly artificial

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