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CSIRO Officer Level 5, 6 or 7
Position C0723

The Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC), CSIRO Entomolgy
is seeking two outstanding insect systematists to lead and
undertake research on taxonomy, systematics, evolution, phylogeny
and general biology of Australian insects. You will have
demonstrated leadership in modern systematics and will be
expected to develop and lead dynamic innovative research
programs.  You may also be responsible for the curation and
development of sections of the Australian National Insect
Collection. Our interests cover all the major insect orders, and
our aim will be to achieve balance in our skills base across our
biosystematics research portfolio.  While research experience in
Diptera, Coleoptera (other than weevils) or Hemiptera is
currently of particular interest to us, applicants with
experience in other groups are encouraged to apply.

You will be expected to participate in and initiate collaborative
projects, which may be applied in nature, with staff from other
disciplines both within and outside the Division. Your research
may include taxonomic revisions and overviews, development and
maintenance of catalogues, studies of biology, phylogeny,
biogeography and evolution of Australian and related faunas using
morphological and molecular approaches and using modern
information technology. You will be expected to participate in
management, training, supervision of students, field surveys,
identification and advice activities.

These positions will be based at the CSIRO Entomology
laboratories in Canberra.

CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT The positions are available as CSIRO
Officer Level 5-7 Research Scientist to Principal Research
Scientist with a salary range of $52005 to $80109.  Starting
salary within the advertised range will depend on an evaluation
of the appointee's qualifications, experience and abilities. The
positions have indefinite tenure and Australian Government
Superannuation is available. Annual performance planning, review
and assessment are essential elements of CSIRO's human resource
management. The annual performance review process includes
determination of incremental advancement within a salary range.

FURTHER INFORMATION Detailed information available at URL: and if further
information is required on these positions before submitting your
application you should contact Dr Rob Floyd on +61-2-6246 4089 or
email R.Floyd at or Dr Ebbe Nielsen on +61-2-6246 4258
or email E.Nielsen at .  Applications may be faxed to
+61-2-6246 4068 or posted to CSIRO Entomology, GPO Box 1700
Canberra ACT 2601 Australia.  Closing date for applications 15
October 1999.

Dr Ebbe S. Nielsen
Australian National Insect Collection
CSIRO Entomology
GPO Box 1700
Phone:  (02) 6246 4258
Fax:    (02) 6246 4264


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