Evolution deleted....

Ron Kaneen rkaneen at ISLAND.NET
Wed Oct 6 14:58:46 CDT 1999

I agree.  The topic is apparently still being covered, no matter what you
call it.  Evolution is "...heritable change in one or more characteristcs
in a population or species through time" (Price, P.W., 1996).

No doubt the decision was political, and since it is the same thing
according to defenition, it *is* just semantics.

Colin Kaneen

At 11:35 99-10-06 -0800, you wrote:
>I really don't see that there is a problem with this. It is after all a
>political ploy and adds up to nothing more than semantics. They are saying
>same thing without using the dreaded word 'Evilution' (no, it's not
>mis-spelled) ;-)

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